It takes a lot of courage, bravery & perseverance to chase a dream that only you can see.

I have been relentlessly chasing this dream. No matter what life threw at me I got up & I crawled, I walked, I ran, I gave whatever I could every single day to get HERE.

I have poured my heart & mind into this project. Not only that, but I have literally invested my life savings in this dream & that is a terrifying thing to do.



I am very excited to launch my exclusive membership platform. I’ve been holding off on releasing regular video content for quite some time because I wanted to be sure that right from day one I could offer you high quality professional content.

My membership platform will feature weekly content that is exclusive to my members only such as full length training videos, intensive education on particular exercises & techniques, posing tutorials, recipes, along with educational & inspirational blog posts about training, nutrition, supplements, goal setting… the possibilities are endless. I know I have so much to offer to all of those loyal people who love following my journey.

I hope that by sharing the highs & lows, ups & downs of my journey I will encourage & inspire competitors & non-competitors alike, to chase their dreams.

Sheena Jayne x



When I’m not in strict contest prep, I like to have the freedom to eat intuitively & not need to live by a set of food scales. I wanted to share with all of you some established principles of “intuitive eating” & also what “eating intuitively” is to me &...

Overtraining quads

Overtraining quads

    FASTED OVERTRAINING OF QUADS FOR CONDITIONING This article is about why, when & how I have “overtrained” my legs in order to dramatically shrink my quads & overhaul the shape/condition of my legs to make my physique more streamlined like the look that...



  HEY GOAL-GETTER!!! In order to achieve anything that is beyond your comfort zone, you must set goals. The way you go about setting a goal may be different to the next person but what is important is that the process of setting a goal allows you to create...

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