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  • 12 months of full personalised nutritional plans, including monthly updates and tweaking leading into your show to ensure that you bring your best bikini body to the stage.

  • Competition week plan to assist you in bringing your best to the stage.

  • Post-competition nutrition guidance to gradually elevate your calories after your show so that you can learn how to maintain the best shape of your life! 

  • One on one coaching with Sheena Jayne Martin IFBB Bikini PRO – including 24/7 email and online support for tips and emotional/motivational support.

  • Guidance on all that you need to know about stage presence and posing, bikini recommendations, heels, hair, make-up in your copy of the SJF Bikini Competition Guidelines.

  • 12 months of personalised strength training and cardio programs including monthly updates.

  • Competition day plan and support (depending on location, face to face coaching and backstage support may be available).

  • Personal Training sessions and in-person posing tutorials are not included in the online package but can be added for local clients who would like to incorporate them. 


SJF may offer Competition Prep Packages of a different duration by arrangement or tailor a Competition Prep Package to incorporate Personal Training and posing tutorials. 



If you have a goal of competing in a bikini or fitness model competition this online package is designed to offer you all of the training & nutrition services you need. I can create the best experience for your preparation whilst getting you in the best shape of your life for your show. Competition prep need not be about starvation, long cardio sessions, or excluding any of the essential macronutrient groups from your nutrition plan. This package will help you to learn and create a lasting lifestyle to get in the best shape of your life and to maintain it!

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