Glute Evolution Training System – Series One

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FULL access to my exclusive SJF Glute Evolution Training System – Series One:

  • 6 week progressive program
  • Exercise videos
  • Intensive education on particular exercises & techniques
  • One off payment for lifetime access

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Before you begin your journey to your dream derrière you need to know how to isolate your glutes. There is no use in performing glute isolation exercises if through flawed technique you are real not “using” the glute muscles at all.

I know first hand how hard it is to grow naturally lagging glutes & throughout my years of study, training & personal progress I have developed a system that I have found incredibly effective to finally see the changes that I had been working so so hard for.

I want to share my experience with you, & I have gone to great effort to create a challenging, effective & efficient 6 week glute training system to enable you to see changes quickly in equal value to the effort you invest in this program.


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