Whilst I have always been a ‘healthy’ eater, I have not always been healthy. I have always had very high standards for myself and my pursuit for perfection lead me to a battle with eating disorders from the age of eighteen. My road to recovery has been haphazard. Fiercely independent, I was determined to recover on my own.  My decision to start eating clean and to take on the challenge of competing in bikini competitions has played a huge role in my recovery. During my battle I was constantly exhausted, I did hours of cardio a day, ate very little before crumbling to binges – I was running myself into the ground one day at a time.

After six years of struggle I decided I needed to take control of my health. I started eating real, nutritious whole foods and fuelling myself like an athlete. I changed the way I lived and the way I treated my body. My skin and digestion improved, I had energy and I felt ‘clear headed’ all of the time. I learnt to respect my body and my whole mindset changed, I felt confident and vibrant knowing that I was fueling my body with all the ‘good stuff’.

In mid-2013 I decided to enter my first NZIFBB (the New Zealand equivalent of the NPC) bikini competition. I hadn’t really turned my mind to the idea of competing before, building muscle and looking athletic hadn’t previously been a priority to me, I just wanted to be ‘model-thin’. 

My biggest reservation with competing was a fear of not being good enough – a fear of inadequacy that stemmed from the body images and confidence struggles of my past. When I made that decision to train toward a competition, never in my wildest dreams did I see my journey taking the incredible path it has taken.

When I started my competition prep I started lifting heavy weights for the first time. I had previously been fooled by the myth that lifting weights will make females bulky. Training to compete paired with clean nutrition has absolutely taken my body to the next level – that body I had always dreamed of but never thought I was capable of achieving!

Training, especially weight training, makes me feel strong, powerful, confident and alive – the way everybody deserves to feel!

I have learnt that there really is nothing that you can’t achieve in life if you put your mind to it and are passionately committed to your goals. In March 2016, almost two exact years since I won my IFBB Pro Card I won my first IFBB Pro Bikini Championship at the Orlando Pro Bikini becoming the first Bikini Pro from New Zealand (and Australia) to qualify for and compete at the prestigious Miss Bikini Olympia.

2017 has been a very successful and exciting year for me. Not successful in that I won a lot of shows, actually, I had to work incredibly hard and compete in 9 shows over 9 months to finally win the New York Pro in May 2017. But, 2017 has been a year of huge evolution for me personally. I decided to take a leap of faith and apply for a visa to move to America to live, and here I am, now living in Santa Monica, California, training at Golds Gym (the Mecca of Bodybuilding) in Venice everyday.

I have learnt the importance of taking control of your life. If you want to achieve something, you must go after it. I am constantly setting goals & dreaming dreams that are beyond my current “reach” because that is how you force yourself to evolve as a person. Go after something that will force you to become the kind of person capable of achieving it!

Sheena Jayne Fitness is all about sharing my knowledge and experience with YOU – I want YOU too, to feel empowered, and to discover what YOU and your body are capable of.

I offer Personalised Training and Nutrition Packages including full competition prep for NPC (or equivalent) bikini competitors.

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