Genetically, my glutes are my “weakness”. It has taken me many years of consistent hard work & patience to grow my glutes to a point where they match the rest of my physique. I can finally now say that I am proud of my glutes & that they do not stick out as a weakness anymore.

I know first hand how hard it is to grow naturally lagging glutes & throughout my years of study, training & personal progress I have developed a system that I have found incredibly effective to finally see the changes that I had been working so so hard for. I want to share my experience with you, & I have gone to great effort to create a challenging, effective & efficient glute training system to enable you to see changes quickly in equal value to the effort you invest in this program.

Throughout over a year of implementing different training splits, structures, tools & techniques I have compiled the “best of” butt building exercises for you along with all the information, skills & guidance you need to build the Booty of your dreams.

Welcome to SJF Glute Evolution Training System – Series One.



When I’m not in strict contest prep, I like to have the freedom to eat intuitively & not need to live by a set of food scales. I wanted to share with all of you some established principles of “intuitive eating” & also what “eating intuitively” is to me &...

Overtraining quads

    FASTED OVERTRAINING OF QUADS FOR CONDITIONING This article is about why, when & how I have “overtrained” my legs in order to dramatically shrink my quads & overhaul the shape/condition of my legs to make my physique more streamlined like the look that...


  HEY GOAL-GETTER!!! In order to achieve anything that is beyond your comfort zone, you must set goals. The way you go about setting a goal may be different to the next person but what is important is that the process of setting a goal allows you to create...

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