I have recently launched my SJF Bikini Body Project, a series of 6 week challenges designed to give women from all over the world & at all stages of their health & fitness journey tHE tools they need to find success & empowerment through health & fitness.

The first 6 week challenge has had such a great response that I have decided to hold

a FREE 7 day challenge

THIS FREE CHALLENGE WILL GIVE you an insight into how my SJF Bikini Body Project 6 Week Challenge works or, just use this as an opportunity to kick start your health & fitness journey.

Take action & register NOW.

FREE 7 day challenge runs from Monday DECEMBER 18th to Sunday December 24th.


Full guideance and email support

5 winners selected for FREE accesss to next 6 week SJF BIKINI BODY PROJECT


This Challenge Is For Girls Who:

– Want to transform their bodies –
– Build their shape –
– Tighten up-
– Get stronger –
– Feel more confident –
 – Be held accountable –
– Challenge themselves –

7 DAY nutrition plan

7 DAY training plan

Will this program cater to my unique body & goals?
Yes! When you sign up to my FREE 7 day challenge you will choose from 2 different variations of the program – build or shred – depending on your current body/lifestyle, and of course, your goals.

This option is for females with low-moderate body fat who want to build more muscle to achieve more shape & curves.  This plan is a higher calorie approach, so if you struggle to gain muscle and don’t necessarily need to get leaner, this version is for you!

For those who want to focus on really dropping body fat to tighten up dramatically. This is a lower calorie approach to allow a focus on challenging the body in a calorie deficit to achieve fat loss, whilst also working to develop the bikini body shape underneath for long-term results!

Before you begin the 7 day challenge we use a calorie calculator so that we can make sure that you are choosing the best nutrition plan for you & your goals & whether you are wanting to build or shred we use the cardio guidelines to make sure you’re adding an appropriate amount of cardio in addition to the training plan to have you reaching your goals.  

I wanted to build a program that could cater to anyone no matter where their “starting point” – this free 7 day challenge is a less comprehensive version of the full Bikini Body Project 6 Week Challenge, albeit designed to give you a full range of tools to begin toward your goals!  

In short, you’re in for a kick ass week within this challenge with the training, cardio & nutrition plans you need to ignite your health & fitness goals.

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