Congratulations again for deciding to challenge yourself with my FREE 7 day Bikini Body Project Challenge.


As a coach and trainer I have a lot of clients who tell me things in confidence and it is extremely important to me that you all know you can reach out to me to share anything or ask my opinion, ask for guidance on anything and know that everything you share with me or ask me remains completely confidential.


When I say “email support” I mean it! Please email me on bikinibodyproject@sheenajaynefitness.com with any questions or queries that you having during the program! If you’re unsure of anything, even if you think it may be a silly question, it’s always best to ask!


I have had a lot of people asking whether they should choose build or shred or how to choose.

Do not stress about this as you will have access to both ‘options’ regardless what option you choose. The training will be the same for both, but we adjust the nutrition and cardio in each case for the best results. The build plan is a higher calorie nutrition plan and the cardio recommendations are lower. The shred is a lower calorie nutrition plan and the cardio recommendations are higher.

Within each plan, the calories will be adjustable, so we can have every single Bikini Body Project babe eating right in line with her calorie estimate using the bodybuilding.com calorie calculator.

Long story short, don’t stress just yet – if you haven’t already, log in to your account and use the bodybuilding.com calorie calculator to enter your age & activity level etc where indicated and estimate how many calories you need in order to get to your goal.


This free 7 day challenge will operate slightly differently to my full 6 week challenge in that you will not be required to send me “before” photos & measurements nor weekly check ins (as the challenge only runs for one week).

However, I have provided here for you a progress tracking chart so that you can take your weight, measurements and photos before we start the challenge and again at the end. This will allow you to really see the changes you have been able to make within the challenge.

Taking Progress Photos

Although you won’t be required to send me progress photos on this 7 day challenge I encourage you to take them. If you’re thinking about entering a 6 week challenge in future it’s a great habit to get into and you’ll be able to track your progresss right from now!

When you are taking progress photos:

– Try not to take selfies in the mirror – either have someone take photos for you OR set up your phone on “selfie” mode & sit it against a chair or wall so that you can either use a video (and screenshot still photos) or use a timer to take photos. This is what I do for my own progress photos.

– Try to use a flash or ensure good lighting.

– Take photos in front of a plain background.

– Take full body front, back & side photos.

Ideally take your photos first thing in the morning each time before you’ve eaten etc.

– It is best to take the photos at the same time of day as much as possible for the most accurate comparison.

Wear a sports bra and shorts/underwear, or a bikini.


Program Notes

Please read the Program Notes as well as familiarizing yourself with the program before getting started. 

Supplement List

Access your supplement list so that you can make sure you’re ready for lift off. These supplements are not “compulsory” and you may have other brands that you use already which is totally fine – I love my GASPARI supplements and trust their quality, which is why I can stand behind them and recommend them to you.

Grocery List

There is a grocery list on the platform to help you get ready for the challenge. These food items are not all compulsory but they are all options you can use within the nutrition plan. The quantities of foods will vary depending on whether you are on the BUILD or SHRED plan & where your actual calories sit.

Some of you may prefer to eat the same foods throughout the days/week, and some of you may prefer more of a variety throughout the days or week. For this reason, the grocery shopping list is just a guide. To make sure you’re ready to begin the challenge on Monday I would make sure you have available a few options (pick your favs!) of each of the carbohydrates & proteins & fats options on the grocery list. Once you get into a routine you’ll have a better idea exactly what to buy for a weekly shop etc.



I encourage you to share your journey throughout SJF Bikini Body Project 7 day challenge on social media. Please feel free to tag me in posts on Instagram so that I can follow your progress:

@sjfbikinibodyproject & @sheenajayne_fitness

It would also be great for you to use the following hashtags on social media so that we can all be motivated & inspired by each others progress.







If you have any questions at all before you get started or at any time during the challenge, please email me at bikinibodyproject@sheenajaynefitness.com.

Thanks again for taking part,

Sheena x

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