I designed SJF Bikini Body Project with a goal of catering to ALL females who want to transform their body and mind.  There is no one size fits all when it comes to getting from where you are right now, to your dream bikini body.

Some of you may want to lose 10lb of fat or more plus build muscle underneath to work on your shape. Some of you may need to build a lot of muscle, and not really lose fat. These two scenarios are going to require a different energy input & output. Both scenarios require a variety of training to build, sculpt, tone & condition your muscle.

You may have entered this challenge wanting to “shred” but your estimate of calories puts you in the “build” category before you’re tall & young, meaning you need more calories than if you were shorter and older. For this reason, I will be looking at your photos & your calorie estimate to make sure at check in’s that you’re on the right plan.

Other things that are examples of what will make your calorie intake MORE or LESS:







Fast Metabolism

Slow Metabolism

Existing high muscle mass

Existing low muscle mass

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be overthinking at this point!!! Let’s get moving!!

Calculating your Calories

To estimate your ideal calories to achieve your goals click here to use the bodybuilding.com calorie calculator:


When you use this calculator it will ask your sex & age etc. It will also ask your daily activity. For the purposes of this challenge I want you to select Moderately Active if you have a sedentary job, or Very Active if you have an active job.

Take note of your recommended calorie intake & when the nutrition options are released you will be able to select the one closest in line with your recommended calories (& the right amount of cardio based on your goals).


If your calorie estimate is more than 1600 Calories you are “building”. Once you get to the Build Page you will have more options to choose from to narrow down your calorie intake to your estimate & program your cardio based on your goals.

This option is for those with low-moderate body fat who want to build more muscle to achieve a more shape & curves.  This plan is a higher calorie approach, so if you struggle to gain muscle, & don’t necessarily need to get leaner, this version is for you.


If your calorie estimate was less than 1600 calories you are “shredding”.

Once you get to the Shred Page you will have more options to choose from to narrow down your calorie intake to your estimate & program your cardio based on your goals.

For those who want to focus on really dropping body fat to tighten up dramatically. This is a lower calorie approach to allow a focus on challenging the body in a calorie deficit to achieve fat loss, whilst also working to develop the bikini body shape underneath for long-term results.

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