Apr 17, 2018


In order to achieve anything that is beyond your comfort zone, you must set goals. The way you go about setting a goal may be different to the next person but what is important is that the process of setting a goal allows you to create clarity around what you want to achieve with your life – Setting goals encourages & in fact requires you to create a vision.

Setting a goal is a process of establishing what you really want. I used to think “goal setting” was overrated but I never appreciated just how much I was subconsciously setting goals without being clear about them. If only I had realized the importance of not only setting a goal but actually visualizing it, believing in it, and chasing it purposefully, I may have achieved previous goals much faster. The upside is that what I have learnt I can share with you all!

Build a vision…

If you have set a goal you have thought about and decided what you want to achieve. It’s not enough to just think that some achievement would be nice to have. A lot of people have thoughts like this. What sets a “goal” apart from these fleeting thoughts or ideas about what would be cool to do with/in your life is depicted by a number of things. One of those things is the amount of desire you have to achieve it. The thing is, you need to really want it. You need to want it really bad, you need to be so hungry to achieve your goal that you would do whatever it takes to get there!

Once you know what you want and you have the desire to achieve that goal you need to really begin to believe in your ability to achieve it. This is something that I have struggled with in the past and I think this is one of the things that held me back from achieving some of my goals sooner.

Setting a big goal – one that you may not yet be capable of achieving – necessitates that you become the type of person capable of achieving that goal. You need to grow as a person to be the type of person capable of achieving what it is you want to achieve. This is the nature of setting & conquering goals & it is what allows goal-setters to be constantly evolving in all areas of their lives.

Believe it…

You have to believe in yourself. Actually, it isn’t enough to want something and believe you can do it. You need to have so much faith and belief in yourself and in your ability to achieve your goal that you actually expect to achieve it. This doesn’t mean that you need to be over-confident to the point of arrogance – rather, this concept comes back to the law of attraction (if you haven’t read or watched The Secret then I totally recommend that you do). You need to believe in your ability to conquer your goals so strongly that your feelings and your mindset are consistent with the feelings and mindset you will have once you have actually conquered your goals. Your reality is a product of your feelings and beliefs, and to have your goal become a reality you need to really truly believe in it so much so that you can feel it!

Favour growth…

For me, as a competitor, I set goals of winning shows but also of making consistent improvements every single time I step on stage. Of course I don’t always win & sometimes I miss the mark in what I am trying to achieve in my physique but regardless, I am always EVOLVING.

Whether I “win” or “learn” every experience beyond my comfort zone chasing after my dreams makes me a person who is stronger, who is better, & who is closer to achieving the end goal of becoming the best in the world in my sport.

Control your mind…

As an athlete I have weaknesses, but everyone does. Regardless of any physical weaknesses, my biggest weakness was always a lack of belief in myself. I had worked so damn hard to improve on the weaknesses in my physique but till I learnt the importance of harnessing my mind I wasn’t ready to evolve toward my big goals.

To have a goal you can conquer you need to know what you want and have an overwhelming desire to achieve it. You need to possess such a strong belief that you can achieve it that you truly expect to make it happen. But achieving your goal doesn’t stop there. Your huge dream isn’t going to fall into your lap. You need to go after your dreams with purpose and to make a clear plan of actions that you need to take in order to become the person you need to be to achieve your goal.

Start small, but start now…

If you don’t have a goal that you can actually track then you don’t have any way to measure your progress and if you have no way to measure your progress then it will be very hard to identify what you need to change or improve on so that you can achieve your goals. This is why you need a clear strategy; I like to think of this as a series or traceable stepping-stones I need to be able to follow in order to reach my goal.

Setting smaller tangible goals along the road to your BIG goal is a great way to keep yourself consistently present with purpose toward the end goal. It also encourages you to stay present in the “now” & when it’s appropriate, to acknowledge the success you’ve had in achieving the “mini” goals. Without setting these stepping stone goals along the way some people never really for after the big goal as it seems too bit, too far off, or like they’re not realistically going to be able to achieve it. I strongly believe that it is in actually setting those stepping stone goals along the way that we grow as a person little by little becoming the type of person capable of achieving the end goal.

Document it…

Without knowing what you need to change to become the person you want to become it is easy to feel lost or to become complacent. You need to have a clear goal and the ability to measure or record your success so that you can be accountable both to yourself and to your goal. I apply this to tracking my own habits and progress throughout my competition preparation – I keep a journal of my nutrition, my training, my supplements, my water intake, my sleep patterns, my feelings.

If I can identify what time of training makes me feel more, or what type of food makes me feel or perform better, then I can make sure that every time I prepare for a show I have a better strategy because I have learnt from everything I have done so far what works best for me.

Tracking your own habits will not only help you to create a clear strategy but it will help you to find out what your downfalls are & what is stopping you from achieving your goals. If you are not finding out what is stopping you from achieving your goals then you are not going to progress to your potential because you won’t know what to change.

Share it…

A huge part of living present in your goal & really believing in it can come from SHARING your goal with people around you – your friends, your family, your partner, or in this day & age, your followers. It may sound shallow, but much of social media I think is peoples mode of accountability to whatever it is that they set out to achieve with their lives.

For me, I share my journey with my followers, each little stepping stone, for many reasons – some of which are to inspire others to go after their goals, & of course, to create a real believable dream that I am putting out there to the world.

It’s time to dream bigger…

Okay, so you want to achieve something?

Set a goal.

You need to know what you want and what you have to do to achieve it.

I believe that you should set goals at every chance you can. Your goals don’t have to be huge things. Huge goals can be daunting, that’s why you need traceable steeping-stones en route to the big goal! Sometimes the thing that puts people off setting goals the most is that they are intimidated by the goal and they lack confidence in their own ability to achieve it. Life is too short to live in that sort of fear.

I have set big goal & conquered them – all that means is that my goal can grow further & continue to expand as I evolve as a person. Alongside your big goals, I find it helps to always set some sort of conquerable goal every day & every week.  Little by little – one travels far. Little things accumulate – things like lifting heavier, or drinking more water, or going to bed earlier. These things may set in motion major change in your life once they’re underway.

What I have come to realize is that if there is something that I want to achieve, then there is a way that I can get it. And if I can’t find a way, then I will make a way. I have big goals, and yes they’re going to be tough to achieve, but I enjoy it when it’s tough because it’s making me better.

I am still learning all the time but I am beginning to master within my own mind what it takes to be successful, and what it will take for me to be able to achieve my biggest goals in life and in my career.

I hope you’re sitting there ready to set a goal. Anything! What do you want? It doesn’t have to be huge, start anywhere. Just start. Write it down!

If you KNOW what you want & take ACTION toward it every day, you CAN achieve it.

If you have health, fitness or career related goals & I can help to guide you in any way (as a coach or otherwise), please reach out to me on heythere@sheenajaynefitness.com. I am passionate about seeing other people harness their passion & I would love to guide you in any way I can!


Build a vision.


Favour growth.

Control your mind.

Start small, but start now.

Document it.

Share it.

Create it.


What you believe, you become!

Sheena x





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