Jun 27, 2017

I am as excited about this new phase of my journey as I was about hugging this giant ice cream!

I’ve been holding off on releasing regular video content till I moved to California because I wanted to produce consistent & high quality content from day one. I started filming with @virulstudios on Friday & am very excited about working with them to bring my vision to life.

What’s coming soon:

🍦 From now, TWICE weekly video content every Wednesday & Friday.

🍦 Complete update & rebrand of

🍦 Membership platform which, once launched, will host all video content moving forward as well as full length educational & inspirational blog posts, training & technique intensives & more.

🍦 10 week “Road to The Olympia” video blog series (2x weekly videos & more) which will be the first content hosted on my membership platform. If you read my “Peak Week Protocols” blog post following my win at @bevsgym New York Pro (still available on my website) you’ll have an idea of the depth I’ll be sharing throughout my entire 2017 Bikini Olympia prep.

🍦 The launch (date TBC) of Series One of my SJF Glute Evolution Training System, a 6 week program that’s been brewing for 3 years.

🍦An exciting partnership with my NEW sponsors that I am over the moon about announcing soon!

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I am incredibly passionate about what I do, not just as an IFBB Pro & coach but in my capacity to inspire people from all walks of life.

I hope that by sharing the highs & lows, darkness & light, of my journey I will encourage & inspire YOU to chase your dreams, whatever they may be.

My membership platform will be for competitors & non-competitors alike & is my vision for reaching more people on a much deeper level.

You only live once. Make sure you are living the life you dream of.




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