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Feb 14, 2017


A lot of people ask me how on earth they can stick to a healthy eating plan of any sort when they are always travelling (for work or leisure). Honestly, whilst it can take a bit of organising, it CAN be done & it is every bit worth it when it comes to achieving health & fitness related goals.

The more you form habits & routines that simplify keeping “on track” whilst on the road, the easier & less “hassle” it will become. The more I travel & the more I learn about nutrition & what works best for my body, the easier it becomes to make staying on track pretty simple. 

I spent 4 of the last 6 months of 2016 travelling, all whilst on prep. I went to over a handful of countries & I made it work. A lot of people ask me HOW I make it so manageable so I thought it would be helpful to share some of my tips & tricks to get you on the road to your chosen destination without compromising your goals! 

Find a way you enjoy cooking your favourite protein & carbohydrate sources. I find chicken the best protein source to travel with & sweet potato or pumpkin are my “go to” carb sources if I have cooking facilities. I will grill or pan fry my chicken never using oil. I bake my sweet potato or pumpkin. 

Once I’ve cooked my protein & carb sources I weigh them out into the right portion sizes for my meals (around 30g protein & 20g carbs). I then put each portion into an individual ziplock bag. 

I then usually separate into a larger ziplock bag a days worth of portions. 

Depending where I am travelling I may just travel with my protein & carbs prepared then pick up fresh salad/vegetables from a grocery store. 


Sometimes I’ll steam some vegetables that keep well, like green beans. 

If I’m travelling for more than one day before I’ll have a fridge to keep food cool in I will often leave in the fridge the first day’s food portions & put all others in the freezer so they are fully frozen when I start the trip.

When flying, if you have portions prepared & ziplocked you can actually pack some into your checked luggage & because the luggage is chilled at altitude the food will likely still be frozen when you reach your destination. I did this on my way from USA to Italy & when I arrived in Italy I had portions for the next few days & the were still frozen. 

The most important thing to have prepared is protein as it’s usually pretty easy to find some fibrous vegetables to fill you up & some form of carbs – if I’m stuck & don’t have cooking facilities I’ll grab some rice cakes! Easy!

Don’t be afraid to be fussy if you’re eating out. Get a salad minus cheese & croutons. Hold the dressing & make sure your meat is grilled. If I’m paying someone to make me a salad then I’ll be sure to ask for exactly what I need & almost always cafes & restaurants are accommodating (as they should be!).

I travel with all of my ziplocked portions then usually one large Tupperware so that I can combine individual portions of protein & carbs along with some salad or vegetables to fill me up in my large container. No need to have scales on hand & no carrying stacks of Tupperware which takes up a lot of space. Ziplocks are cheap & east to throw away or wash & reuse if you wanted, but I never bother. 

Fat sources that are easy on the road are raw nuts. If I have facilities to cook, then eggs are also easy to prepare as a protein & fat source. 


If you’re really unsure what you’ll have available, throw in a couple of protein bars and some ziplocked oat portions & individually ziplocked portions of your favourite Optimum Nutrition protein powder. 

In most cases I find that travelling is used by people as an excuse why they can’t stick to their goals. But you see the thing is, if you want something bad enough you’ll do whatever it takes. I’m uninterested in excuses, all I’m interested in is HOW I can make it work. And believe me, there is always a way!!! 

Happy prepping & goal smashing my friends!! 



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